The Restaurant

Salinas Restaurant has a capacity for 300 people. It is composed of a mobile division that allows the separation into two rooms, enabling the execution of events with small groups of people, ensuring the privacy of it.
The Salinas Restaurant serves good way to confecionados traditional cuisine borders. There is great care in selecting the ingredients for the dishes quilting, thereby ensuring an aroma and taste of high quality. Some of the main dishes, drafted regional Cabrito are the baker, the salt cod, octopus Lagareiro. Beyond these, the restaurant Salinas is known for grilled meats from different time.


Snack Salinas
The Snack Salinas offers small meals throughout the day that can be served in a large, cozy terrace or living inside the Snack. There is concern in the confection of light meals and rich in essential nutrients for a healthy life.
We leave as an example some house specialties: Francesinha to Salinas; Omelette Cheese and ham; Omelette Shrimp, Grilled and various salads.


Daily menus
Salinas Restaurant also presents a service daily menus of high quality at very competitive prices.


Kids menus
Salinas Restaurant is a major concern in the satisfaction of the smallest, so confecionados menus are rich in vitamins and presentations desirable for the little ones. We left a few examples of our menus: grilled turkey steaks with spaghetti and colorful vegetables; burger veal with rice spring colorful salad.


Registo Nacional de Turismo: 5899 

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